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Founded in 2014, La Movida Magazine, a national award winning print and online community magazine, and 100% owned by Hispanic Woman since 9 years. La Movida Magazine has won 20 national awards for Excellence from the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

La Movida, a bilingual magazine, with Spanish and English content, that serves different Latino Hispanic generations, specially the youngers. Editorially, we cover a variety of topics in detail, including Health, Local News, Technology, Sports, Reports, and articles, podcasts, videos that deal directly with the Hispanic Latino community in Bay Area, specially in Silicon Valley.

La Movida Magazine headquarters is located in Silicon Valley with its office located in the city of San Jose.

At La Movida Magazine we believe in diversity, inclusion and equality, and we demonstrate it in different ways: in the staff who collaborate in our newspaper and magazine and in the topics we cover, which really affect and are of interest to the Hispanic community in the Bay Area.